Back Doors Dublin Laneways. Acrylic on deep canvas, 25x20cm. Photographed and painted by Annette Smyth. © 2022 Paintings will be on show and for sale during December in The Doorway Gallery, 24 Fredrick St., Dublin 2.

Arran Street, Dublin 7. Acrylic on paper, 45x45cm approx. © 2022

Mary's Lane, Dublin 7. Acrylic on Canvas Boards, 80x80cm ©2022 (available)

Cuckoo Lane, Dublin 7. Acrylic on Linen, 25x20cm. ©2022 (Sold)

Yellow Hoarding 2. Dublin. Acrylic on Linen, 50x50cm. ©2022 (Sold - Prints Available)

Meeting House Lane. Dublin. Acrylic on Linen, 30x30cm. ©2022 (Sold)

Ormond Square. Dublin. Acrylic on Board, 40x30cm. ©2022 (Available)

Ormond Quay without the Ormond Hotel, Acrylic on Linen, 100x70cm. © 2022 (Available)

Reflections Series. Acrylic on Canvas. Various locations in Dublin. 20x20cm each. ©2021 (See Store for Availability)

Army Bargains. Dublin. Acrylic on Linen, 100x70cm ©2021(Sold)

Anglesea Row. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 100x70cm ©2021 (Sold)

Little Mary Street. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 50x70cm. ©2021 (Sold)

Halston Street. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 50x70cm ©2021 (Sold)

Stay, City. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 70x70cm. ©2021 (Sold)

Fegan’s Corner. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 70x50cm. ©2020 (Sold)

Apartments, Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas. ©2019 (Sold)

Glass. Acrylic On Canvas, 20x30cm, ©2020 (Sold)

Balloon. Acrylic On Canvas, 40x50cm. ©2020 (Sold)

Water Droplets. Acrylic On Canvas, 40x50cm ©2020 (Sold)

Painting on boy

18, Liam. Acrylic On Canvas, 60cm x 70cm. ©2020 (Commission)

18, Joel. Acrylic On Canvas Board, 35cm x 45cm. © 2020

Painting of a man.

Anthony. Acrylic On Canvas, 60cm x 60cm. © 2016

Sweets Series. Acrylic On Watercolour Paper, 12x12cm each ©2020 (Gifted)

Sweet Series, Red. Acrylic On Watercolour Paper, 12x12cm ©2020 (Gifted)

Rain On Car Window. Acrylic On Canvas Board, 30x 30. ©2018 (Sold)

Self Portrait in Baubles. Acrylic On Watercolour Paper, 30x30cm. ©2020

Paris. Acrylic On Canvas, 40x40cm ©2020 (Sold)

Garlic. Acrylic On Canvas Board, 15x20cm. ©2019

Portrait of My Mother. Acrylic on Canvas, 20x30cm. ©2021