If you are interested in viewing or purchasing any of the available work below, please contact me.

Meet Them Where They Are: Elliott 18, Acrylic on Board, 30x40cm ©2023

Meet Them Where They Are, Elliott 18
Acrylic on Linen, 30x40cm, 2023

Currently on show at the RHA Dublin, opens 20th May 2024.

Previously shown at The Kilkenny Portrait Exhibition, An Chead Tine, Kilkenny.

Train Series
Acrylic on Linen, 25x20cm x 28, 2023
See Train Series page

Capel Street, Acrylic on cotton rag, 70x50cm ©2023 (SOLD)

Townsend St., Acrylic on cotton rag, 60x60cm - framed ©2023. Float mounted frame. Previously exhibited in the RUA, Belfast annual show, Ulster Museum, available from the artist.

Berlin Doorway 4, Acrylic on cotton rag paper, 51x47cm, unframed €300 (available)

Berlin U (2023), Acrylic on cotton rag paper, 38x38cm, Unframed €300 (available)

Back Doors Dublin Laneways. Acrylic on deep canvas, 25x20cm. Photographed and painted by Annette Smyth. © 2022 3, 8 and 9 available, €300 each.

Arran Street, Dublin 7. Acrylic on paper, 45x45cm approx. © 2022. Float mounted framed. Previously exhibited framed in The Solstice Gallery, Navan. €1600 (available)

Abbey Street. Acrylic on Linen, 55x55cm ©2023. Previously exhibited in the RWA, Bristol 2023. Currently exhibited in the RHA Dublin. 194th Annual Exhibition opens 20th May 2024

Cuckoo Lane, Dublin 7. Acrylic on Linen, 25x20cm. ©2022 (Sold)

Yellow Hoarding 2. Dublin. Acrylic on Linen, 50x50cm. ©2022 (Sold - Prints Available)

Meeting House Lane. Dublin. Acrylic on Linen, 30x30cm. ©2022 (Sold)

Ormond Square, Acrylic on Board ©2022

Ormond Quay without the Ormond Hotel, Acrylic on Linen, 100x70cm. © 2022. €1500 framed (Available)

Reflections Series. Acrylic on Canvas. Various locations in Dublin. 20x20cm each. ©2021 (See Store for Availability)

Army Bargains. Dublin. Acrylic on Linen, 100x70cm ©2021(Sold)

Anglesea Row. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 100x70cm ©2021 (Sold)

Little Mary Street. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 50x70cm. ©2021 (Sold)

Halston Street. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 50x70cm ©2021 (Sold)

Stay, City. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 70x70cm. ©2021 (Sold)

Fegan’s Corner. Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas, 70x50cm. ©2020 (Sold)

Apartments, Dublin. Acrylic On Canvas. ©2019 (Sold)

Glass. Acrylic On Canvas, 20x30cm, ©2020 (Sold)

Balloon. Acrylic On Canvas, 40x50cm. ©2020 (Sold)

Water Droplets. Acrylic On Canvas, 40x50cm ©2020 (Sold)

Painting on boy

18, Liam. Acrylic On Canvas, 60cm x 70cm. ©2020 (Commission)

18, Joel. Acrylic On Canvas Board, 35cm x 45cm. © 2020 (NFS)

Painting of a man.

Anthony. Acrylic On Canvas, 60cm x 60cm. © 2016 (NFS)

Sweets Series. Acrylic On Watercolour Paper, 12x12cm each ©2020 (Gifted)

Sweet Series, Red. Acrylic On Watercolour Paper, 12x12cm ©2020 (Gifted)

Rain On Car Window. Acrylic On Canvas Board, 30x 30. ©2018 (Sold)

Self Portrait in Baubles. Acrylic On Watercolour Paper, 30x30cm. ©2020

Paris. Acrylic On Canvas, 40x40cm ©2020 (Sold)

Garlic. Acrylic On Canvas Board, 15x20cm. ©2019

Portrait of My Mother. Acrylic on Canvas, 20x30cm. ©2021